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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The KISS Theory of Everything - Part 4

The Quantum is the key - A Summary

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the world of science trying to determine what it could be like if it were all a lot simpler. In setting out along this path it is always difficult to know where to start because in any theory of everything, clearly everything is intertwined. In the series we started with the structure of matter, but in this summary, I want to start where we ended last week with the fabric of space because this truly is the key to the whole picture.

When viewed on the smallest possible scale space is seen to have inconsistencies, which can be viewed as random dipole events. Each of these events borrows energy from the great sink, and returns it micro seconds later. As there are many such events, the pulsing of energy in and out of the sink cancels out and all that remains is this background shimmer or quantum foam. This is the fabric of space, and it is upon this that all things depend. A critical part of the structure of the fabric is the pulses of energy creating dipoles, pairs of positive and negative charges that briefly move apart, turn and collapse back together to annihilate each other. The charges emerge because of the energy, and the most basic law of physics is that energy causes charge, and charge cannot exist without energy, and they are related by a modified Planks constant by the universal relationship. This allows a definition of Charge as the tendency by which free space resists being deformed by Energy.

So if charge is related to frequency by the direct relationship e=kN, and energy of a photon is also related to frequency by the simple relationship E = hN where h is Planks constant, then, because we do have one known point of equivalence namely in the electron/positron pair, where E = 8.19X10-14 joules, and e = 1.602 X10-19 coulombs., so k which is he/E must be 1.96X10-6.h, or k= 1.30X10-39 coulomb seconds.

If one brings a static charge into the total randomness of empty space, all of a sudden the randomness is affected, and some radial alignment of the events takes place. This alignment has the effect of transmitting the charge outwards spreading it evenly over the surface of the surrounding sphere , and the extent of the alignment at any point a distance away from the charge therefore depends upon the strength of the charge and the inverse square of the distance it is away. Thus any other charge entering the vicinity will feel the effect of the first charge by feeling the alignment of the fabric of pace, and will therefore be subject to a force, the electrostatic force.

Instead of a static charge, a moving charge such as a collapsing electron releasing a quantum of energy will create or cause an alignment of a sufficient number of the random dipole events such that they together can absorb the total quantum released. As this/these events collapse, they too release the energy and cause a new event a short distance away. So the quantum of energy is carried along this series of events and we see a photon, or electro-magnetic radiation quantum moving to infinity or until it meets a receptor which can absorb the total quantum.

As we know, as the turbulence of the source of electro-magnetic radiation grows, so does the energy of the electro-magnetic radiation. The increased energy causes the magnitude of total charge of the transmitting events to grow, and coincidently increases the apparent frequency of the dipole vibration (each event becomes shorter and shorter, and occur closer and closer together.) Because of the greater charges, and increasing proximity of succeeding events, sooner or later something must give, and at a point they do, the two ends of the dipole, the two separate opposite charges can not meet to annihilate each other and they spin off into the real world as a positron and an electron.

The positron and electron cannot exist in proximity with each other, except in one special circumstance when they are aligned along their axis of rotation spinning in the same direction. Now the repulsive force of their magnetism precisely balances the attractive force of their charge, and they lie together in perfect balance effectively disappearing from view. They have formed a neutrino, or simply a doublet. But the neat thing is that they can also form greater and greater chains until at some precise number around 1900, they close the end of the chain and form a stable proton. Now it also happens that two or more protons together can add a further triplet to convert one of the protons into a neutron, and from there, anything is possible.

And the whole thing works because a quantum of energy cannot be passed unless the receptor accepts all and only all of the energy.

Could it be that simple? I believe it is! In the beginning all there was quantum foam, and in a way that is all there is now, it‘s just a little more organized. How long it stays that way may be up to us!!


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